Hey, I'm Katie!

Here are some fun facts and tidbits about me:

+ I’m a copywriter.

+ I enjoy practicing and teaching yoga (Learn more here).

+ I’ve been told that I have a good, firm handshake.

+ My favorite comedian of all time is and always will be Chris Farley.

+ I grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, went to college in Minneapolis, lived in Australia for awhile, and now trying to make it in New York City.

Now that you know some key facts about me, please take your time and explore the rest of my site, portfolio, blog, and social media. If you decide that I might be a good fit for your project or organization, please get in touch.

WWC MeetUp - Top Takeaways

WWC MeetUp - Top Takeaways

For a little over a month, I've been learning how to code in Python and decided that one good way to keep myself motivated as I begin to step into the tech world (my goal is to get into technical writing, specifically, but who knows where this coding journey could take me!) is to meet other women and hear about the great work they're doing. And, what fabulous timing that I just joined Women Who Code (WWC) NYC on MeetUp and they hosted a Pathways to a Career in Tech panel! 

The panel consisted of six women who came from diverse backgrounds, from a full-time yoga teacher to a humanities student, to a ticket scalper. Each panelist shared their stories, offered some great advice and reassured those of us who might feel like an imposter. Here were my top takeaways from the night:

  • Networking, making friends, and having a "buddy system" are immensely helpful for a number of reasons. They'll be your support the entire way - through boot camp, the job search, and when you land a job. The obstacles will vary with each stage of the process and having some allies in your corner is going to be a huge help.  
  • While it might seem like a disadvantage to come from a non-technical background, one panelist pointed out that employers don't really care so much about where or what you did before, but what you can offer now. Take a closer look at your background and tease out the skills you can contribute to an employer, team, or project. For example, I've had many jobs in small companies and teams, so have become adept at being a generalist, adaptive, and resourceful - and I can see these being advantageous to a career in tech, where there's plenty of opportunity for problem-solving! 
  • Everyone experiences imposter syndrome. You and I aren't alone. I think this is just good advice for life!

    I left feeling reinvigorated by the panelists and the people I met, and can't to keep in touch with this group. Learn more about Women Who Code, and take advantage of their network and events!
Joy In The Mess

Joy In The Mess

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