Hey, I'm Katie!

Here are some fun facts and tidbits about me:

+ I’m a copywriter.

+ I enjoy practicing and teaching yoga (Learn more here).

+ I’ve been told that I have a good, firm handshake.

+ My favorite comedian of all time is and always will be Chris Farley.

+ I grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, went to college in Minneapolis, lived in Australia for awhile, and now trying to make it in New York City.

Now that you know some key facts about me, please take your time and explore the rest of my site, portfolio, blog, and social media. If you decide that I might be a good fit for your project or organization, please get in touch.

We Are MBS - December 2017

We Are MBS - December 2017

This year-in-review wraps up activities and achievements of Mind Body Solutions in 2017. The theme of this Humanity Update was 'We Are MBS' to show that all of us come from different walks of life but share a connection in so many ways. The e-magazine also complemented the end-of-year annual giving campaign. 

In this issue, I managed the profile piece section including conducting interviews, writing, and editing, as well as proofreading the final copy for the entire magazine. 

Click here to read the magazine or follow this link to go directly to the profile pieces. 

Other credits:
Design and layout by Molly Bachman
Photos by Andy Richter, Molly Bachman, Tom Okins


Social Media

Social Media