The Unprecedented Year

Author’s note: As we careen towards the end of 2020, I am sure all of us are thinking back on the year that we had, and without a doubt, there will be a lot of discussion and commentary on all the ways this was an “unprecedented year.” The “new normal” became a common phrase while we met in Zoom rooms for virtual happy hours and meetings to discuss how we would pivot our programming. It was, in many ways, a year unlike any other. But, as I reflect and look around, I can’t help but also see the ways in which this year was like all the others. This all said, the short reflection here is not intended to discount the deep grief, heartbreak, and anger we have all felt this year. Rather, it’s an invitation to consider how us humans adapt and that we are actually much more resilient than we give ourselves credit for. Even in a year that was truly unlike any other.

This year has been unlike any other
Yet, it was like all the others

We welcomed babies into the world
and whispered goodbye to beloved elders
Humans continued to fall in love
and stayed in love

It was easier than ever to reach out
Yet, it was harder than ever to connect

Shaky internet speeds
Pixelated screens
On mute, can’t hear
A laptop that needs repair

We had so much time
Yet, not enough at all

Dusty dumbbells
Blank crosswords
A lonely guitar
and new running shoes

This year has been unlike any other

The grief
and dis-ease

Yet, it was like all the others

The resilience
and healing

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